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Emco Keto Bar Coconut Almond 35g
Emco Keto Bar Coconut Almond 35g

  • Emco Keto Bar Coconut Almond 35g

Emco Keto Bar Coconut Almond 35g

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HKD 20.9

Only 2 g of natural sugar in a bar. Noadded sugar. Keto-friendly.

1 bar contains 9g of protein

- NUTS & PROTEIN Looking for your newhealthy and delicious, low-carb fave? Go for our nutritionally balanced, Ketofriendly snack bar, made from peanuts, Almonds, Coconut, and plant-basedprotein.

- LOW SUGAR, FULL FLAVOR High protein snackbar contains no added sugar-its sweet taste comes from chicory root fiber, anaturally sweet extract. Kosher certified, Triangle K.

- GLUTEN FREE Nuts & Protein Bars aregluten free, with no added colors or preservatives. Ideal for celiac, or thosewatching their nutritional intake, our nut bars are the perfect healthy snack!

- HEALTHY SNACK PACK Enjoy convenientlysized. Individually wrapped Nut Bars are a great grab-and-go snack, ideal forkeeping to your health goals while staying on the run!

Ingredients: Peanuts 30 %, chicoryroot fiber, soy crispies 15 % (soy protein isolate 87 %, tapioca starch, salt),almonds 9,4 %, soy flakes 8 %, sliced coconut 6 %, humectant: glycerol, gratedcoconut 2 %, rapeseed oil, rice flour, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, naturalflavouring, antioxidants (ascorbyl palmitate, natural extract with high contentof tocopherols).

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

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