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Yamato Enzyme Jolly

Yamato Enzyme Jolly
Yamato Enzyme Jolly

  • Yamato Enzyme Jolly

Yamato Enzyme Jolly

HKD 999.9

The Jolly is a special blend of more than 60 different types of fresh fruits and vegetables, high mountain plants, seaweed and herbaceous plants that are all pesticide and pollutant free. Its rich combination of enzymes, amino acid, vitamins, and minerals supplements the body with important nutrients missing from your daily diet, and also helps improve metabolism. It is a vital health element for your cells and allows you to be in top shape anytime, all the time.

Energy pack created especially for health conscience people like you.

˙Supplements insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables
˙Supports your digestive health, solidifies your body’s natural safety net
˙Enhances metabolism, improves your internal ecosystem
˙Adjusts body conditions, display healthy mind and body

How to use :

1) Daily health care- To take 30ml in the morning and evening every day
2) Intensified drinking -To take 50ml in the morning and evening every day or take 100ml a day in several times
3) To dilute enzyme in 3-4 times of iced or warm water (at below 60°C, or enzyme activity can be jeopardized) as one prefers.
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